AZQP Rules

2020 Arizona QSO Party


ELIGIBILITY: All licensed Amateur Radio operators



 1)    Arizona stations work everyone.

2)    Stations outside of Arizona work as many AZ stations as possible.

3)    Work stations once per band per mode per AZ county.

CONTEST PERIOD: (2nd October Saturday; 14 hours total)

       1500z Oct 10 to 0500z Oct 11, 2020 (UTC)

       Saturday 8 AM to 10 PM (Arizona)

ENTRY CATEGORIES: (Spotting assistance permitted in all categories)

 1)    Single-Op: High >150w, Low <=150w, QRP <=5w; Mixed, CW, Phone, Digital

       Digital has no differentiated power.

2)    Multi-Op, One transmitter: High, Low; (No differentiated mode).

3)    Multi-Op, Unlimited transmitters: (No differentiated power or mode).

4)    Expedition: Single-Op, Multi-Op (No differentiated transmitters, power, or mode)

       An operation from a temporary location in one or more AZ counties using antennas installed            for the contest period, using temporary supports or trees.

5)    Mobile (No differentiated operators, power, or mode)

       An operation from a self-contained station capable of motion in one or more AZ counties. For          safety reasons, single-ops should only operate while parked.

       See COVID-19 Note below

MODES: CW, Phone, Digital

BANDS: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2 meters (suggestions below)

       Phone: 1848, 3848, 7189, 14248, 21348, 28448, 50148, 146.48 simplex  

                    at top of the hour (for mixed mode entries).

       CW:      1812, 3548, 7048, 14048, 21048, 28048, 50088

                    at ½ past the hour (for mixed mode entries).

       Digital: on customary frequencies

                    at ¾ past the hour (for mixed mode entries).



 1)    Arizona stations send signal report RS(T) and 3-letter county abbreviation:


2)    Stations outside of Arizona send signal report RS(T) and 2-letter state or Canadian                             province / territory. DX stations send signal report RS(T) and DXCC prefix.


QSO POINTS: CW=2; Phone=1; Digital=2



 1)    For Arizona stations the multipliers are the 50 US states, the 13 Canadian provinces and                     territories, and DXCC countries. Multipliers count again for each mode.

       Total multipliers = (50 + 13 + DXCC) x 3.

2)    For stations outside of Arizona the multipliers are the 15 Arizona counties. Multipliers count              again for each band and mode. Total possible multipliers = 15 x 8 x 3 = 360.



A valid contact consists of the complete, correctly copied, two-way exchange between an Arizona station (AZ) and any other station (Non-AZ or AZ). Work stations once per band per mode per AZ county. Expeditions (or mobiles) spanning multiple county lines should be logged as multiple contacts, where each contact counts as both multiplier and QSO point credit. Mobiles that change counties are considered new stations and can be worked again for both multiplier and QSO point credit. A fixed single county station may be worked once on CW, once on Phone, and once on Digital on each of the 8 bands (maximum of 24 contacts). CW and Digital contacts must not be made in the phone band segments. Crossmode, crossband and repeater contacts are not permitted. Spotting assistance and self-spotting are permitted in all categories. All operators must observe the limitations of their operator and station licenses.



Receive a one-time bonus of 100 points for a QSO with W7A on any band or mode during the contest.





Logs must be formatted per the Cabrillo 3.0 specification. Please update your logging software prior to the contest. The log file should be named simply callsign.log, where callsign is the callsign used in the contest. Please confirm that the header’s CALLSIGN: matches the sent callsign in the QSO record. Log files should be emailed as an attachment to Place your callsign in the subject line of the email. New contesters should also add “New Contester” to the subject line.


All logs must be received by 0000z October 21, 2020 (10 days after the contest).



Sponsored plaques are awarded to both AZ & Non-AZ Entry Category winners, the top AZ & Non-AZ Clubs, the top Canadian station, and the top DX station. A minimum of 20 QSOs is required to qualify for a sponsored award plaque. Clubs must submit at least 3 entries to qualify for a plaque. Certificates will be issued to all entrants.



Check the Arizona QSO Party website for up-to-date information on Awards, Activated Counties, Multiplier abbreviations, Resources, Logs Received, Results and more.





Although the Arizona QSO Party 2020 Rules have not changed with respect to entry categories, Multi-Op, Expedition, and Mobile operations during the COVID-19 pandemic are difficult to conduct safely and should not be undertaken unless adequate safety measures are taken and all guidelines and government-issued orders relating to the COVID-19 pandemic are followed. Better yet, stay safe and wait until 2021.




The Arizona QSO Party, its Chairman, Associates, and Sponsors assume no liability or responsibility for any injury, illness, or harm (including death) to any person or property as a result of participating in the Arizona QSO Party.


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