AZQP Awards

Certificates are awarded to all entrants. Print your own AZQP Certificate.


Plaques are awarded to all AZ & Non-AZ entry category winners, the top AZ & Non-AZ Clubs, the top Canadian station, and the top DX station. A minimum of 30 QSOs is required to qualify for a sponsored award plaque. Clubs must submit at least 3 entries to qualify for a plaque.


The ARRL-AZ QSL is awarded for working the ARRL Arizona Section Manager, W7RAP.

Print your own ARRL-AZ QSL.


The AZ-Worked All Counties award manager of the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club will accept your AZQP Cabrillo file with its log checking report as verification of QSOs for the AZ-WAC award.

The New Contester Arizona Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly         award will be presented to the top AZ new contester and to the top Non-AZ new contester. The New Contester award is open to any station that submits an AZQP log indicating at least 20 QSOs. The station / operator must attest they have never previously submitted a log with more than 20 QSOs to any contest.


2019 plaques are sponsored in part by the Radio Society of Tucson in unspecified entry categories. However, entry categories for which no sponsor is listed in the table below are open for plaque sponsorship. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a plaque, please contact the AZQP. The AZQP reserves the right to redirect plaque sponsorship if there is no eligible plaque winner for the sponsored entry category. Thanks for your sponsorship!


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